All new mazda 3


Introducing All-New Mazda3,
a new era begins to take on another challenges.



All-New Mazda3 -Exterior Design Film "Art that moves you"


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We are very excited to see the launch of the All-New Mazda3 as the first model coming out of Mazda’s new-generation product line-up.

To mark a new milestone in Mazda’s long history, we wanted the All-New Mazda3 to deliver heightened level of inspiring experiences and unadulterated joy of driving to our customers worldwide. We decided on a theme – “an aspiration for all drivers” that guided us through the entire product development process. The car that is a dream-come-true for every driver, equipped with a dramatically improved performance package: dynamics, noise reduction, environmental performance and overall quality. The All-New Mazda3 was destined to promise and deliver value like never before, a demanding challenge for all those who were involved with the development of the new model.

The exterior has been designed to embody two appealing and aspirational images which will lift the driver’s mood. Human-centered driving stimulates and sharpens his/her senses and sensibilities. The road you drive every day becomes a journey full of new discoveries, making you feel free-spirited. In summary, the All-New Mazda3 brightens up the driver’s everyday life.

I sincerely hope that this exceptional model will inspire and motivate customers, bringing greater joy to their everyday lives.

Kota Beppu
MAZDA3 Program Manager

The biggest thing we wanted to accomplish with the new Mazda3 design was to once again redefine the meaning of C-segment* hatchbacks and sedans.

The demands of the customers wanting a sedan and hatchback are basically completely opposite. The challenge for us, to meet those different demands, was to try to make an ideal C-segment car while ensuring the hatchback and the sedan each had a unique appeal.

I think the relation of SDN and Hatchback is twins who carry the same DNA, but with each having their own quirks. They have different expressions and physiques, but they're twins born from the same DNA. That's how I imagine.

The concept of Hatchback is "Condensed and Emotional." This hatchback steals customer`s heart and shake their foundations at first sight. Imbuing the vehicle with this sort of sensuality creates an impact that pierces the heart, no explanation needed.

The sedan's concept is "Sleek and Elegance." Our goal was beautiful proportions in a proper sedan which clearly representing the three "boxes" a sedan needs to have.

The new Mazda3 sedan unmistakably expresses that style, while also possessing a graceful dignity.

 Yasutake Tsuchida
MAZDA3 Chief Designer